Rusted Metal

by toon ting.

I have earworms 24/7. Here's the collection. This is not my blog. My original entries are back at my own personal blog.
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Gackt - freesia ~op.1~ and freesia ~op.2~

Gackt - Illness Illusion

No, this is not the original pv for this song.
It’s just a fanvid with random clips of Malice Mizer pvs. But they suit the song pretty well. I haven’t heard this song for quite some time. It was until recently where the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ craze is all around and I was listening to the soundtrack earlier today.

Welcome to Mystery by the Plain White Ts? Then I remembered this song.

Gackt - Last Song

Been spending almost everyday at the gym. Wait, yah, it was indeed everyday.
Since Monday. All I’m gonna say is, sore to the core. Actually my core is alright, my arms are killing me.
But I developed a new love. My love for pilates and fitness muay thai.
I don’t think I can do yoga at the moment. I mean at this age.
Or maybe I’m just an impatient person. Taking it long and slow is not my thing. Omdbfg, it’s so boring. I mean, the class is not boring, no. The nature of this exercise is, however. Well, at least to me, it is.
There’s a yoga session tomorrow. I guess I have to train myself to be patient as well.

Patience Edna, be patient.

Gackt - cube

Hah, what other vids can mark the first video here other than:

1. A Gackt’s vidclip
2. It’s cube! Geddit? Cube? Cube. Cube! Cube!!!

Cube is the second song. The first song is Kalmia. Embedding the vid cause the chorus in Kalmia is the addiction.